Peace Arrow, “Fever”

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Brooklyn-via-Gainsville’s Mitchell Myers, formerly of Hear Hums, released his first tape under the name Peace Arrow in June of 2013. In the time since, he has been quiet, touring the country with Emily Reo, Cuddle Formation, and Bois, playing one-offs and working on new material, some of which surfaced on his Soundcloud yesterday. “Fever” is a meandering 5-plus minutes of folk-informed discourse that uses lush instrumentation to obfuscate any particular lyrical agenda. Eloquently wandering, Peace Arrow’s M.O. is catchy enough to seem uncontrived, but weird enough that it stems from a place of funhouse organicism, which is to say, a place where nothing is what it seems. The track centers around a loopy, cacophonous build while Myers’ vocals seem as if they were recorded using a lava lamp: fat tonal shifts and rising globs of voice that coalesce into harmonies, seemingly unintentionally. The instrumentation is unusually verbose for a DIY recording: there are woodwinds, percussion, vibraphone (by Bois), and strings flitting in and out of “Fever”, fueling the feeling of the song as a mossy hike through the forest. Meyers has created a track that carouses around and ultimately arrives nowhere in particular, which seems like a pleasant place to be.

“Fever” will appear on Peace Arrow’s next album, Out Of, out this fall.