Pell, “All In A Day’s Work”

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We’ve all been faced with those days in which nothing seems to go right. As cliché as it sounds, it’s how we react to them that ultimately defines our resolve. If it ever gets particularly difficult, perhaps a listen to Pell’s “All In A Day’s Work” will put a listener on the right track.

The New Orleans native’s latest is a syrupy, catchy track about finding the silver lining in a downpour of misfortune. Though the rhymer starts the song off by asking for promethazine because he needs someone to “lean on,” he doesn’t get mired into the drug-addled wallowing that many artists would’ve explored.

Pell sidesteps the nihilistic trope by chalking up his romantic woes to “innocence” and surmising “the worst is behind I’ll be fine as soon as I fall free.“ It’s rare to find an overtly optimistic track that isn’t a tad too mawkish, but “All In A Day’s Work” is a genuinely charming work. You can listen below.