Persona La Ave, “It’s For You Mix”

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There was never anything sexy about the fax machine. Even at the height of its functionality, no one ever sexted a fax, or at least I doubt that happened. Persona La Ave would like us to think otherwise. He views the fax machine as a transmitter for the sexiest of jams. I’m still not entirely sure how he made the correlation, but this pair of sunglasses and empty crystal rocks glass next to the archaic machine gives me the impression he’s not to be questioned.

Persona La Ave recently joined the MJ MJ Records family with his Temptation Relation cassette, comprised of a previously released EP on the a-side and new material on the b-side. On “It’s For You” he turns back the clock to the fax machine’s heyday, selecting jams  like “Meeting In The Ladies Room” and “Kinky Girl” that practically placebo the scent of cocaine and disco sweat into one’s nostrils. Persona La Ave had the following to say regarding his specially curated “It’s For You” mix:

A mix of sounds and songs that have been influencing my life lately.

Splashes of BUBBLEGUM SYNTH with hints of a more deep BOOGIE FUNK pallet, finally wrapped up with a cut from a modern act who’s aesthetics are not dissimilar to my own.

Persona La Ave’s Temptation Relation cassette is out now on MJ MJ Records.

“It’s For You Mix” tracklisting:
01 Intro
02 The Creations, “Kinky Girl”
03 Uku Kuut, “Affinity”
04 Cosmos, “Midnight Shuffle”
05 “Kevin”
06 Klymaxx, “Meeting In The Ladies Room”
07 Midnight Star, “Freakazoid”
08 Jocelyn Brown, “Somebody Elses Guy”
09 Peter Brown, “You Should Do It”
10 Patrice Rushen, “Remind Me”
11 Alexander O’Neal, “A Broken Heart Can Mend”
12 “Automan Theme”
13 Client Liaison, “Queen”