Phil Adé, "No Fear"

Post Author: Andre G

In the late ’00s, Phil Adé was at the forefront of a then-burgeoning DC hip-hop scene that had long been looking for artists who could embody DC’s rich, eclectic musical influences in the rap arena. Years later, the city is close to full speed with rappers occupying all kinds of lanes – and Adé is back from an extending break from recording. After touring with Wale and helping him work on his Shine album, Adé refocused on his own craft.

Today, he released “No Fear,” an inspiring collaboration with Tate Kobang and Saba Abraha. Over ambient keys and sharp 808s, Adé reflects on his good fortune, noting it’s “God’s grace I’m here” over Abraha’s warm vocals before declaring, “I gotta keep my n—–s wit’ me, I gotta play y’all n—-s 50.” This track is apparently already set to be used for WWE NXT, a perfect fit for the song’s theatrical soundscape and all-powerful, affirming chorus.

“No Fear” is a single from Adé’s forthcoming Selfish album. You can stream below.