Phil Phauler & Ofelija – Wicked Game

His warm mix of Pop and Deep-House makes Phil Phauler one of the most impressive producers in the game. Throughout his latest single, a charming rendition of Chris Isaak’s famous “Wicked Game” featuring the intoxicating vocals of Slovakian singer Ofelija, listeners are enchanted by a soothing ambience and almost palpable sense of bliss.

Phauler’s production style blends perfectly with a summer pop beat to create what is surely going to be a contestant for song of the season. The catchiness of Chris Isaak’s original melodies can’t be undermined, but Phauler’s Deep-House re-work breathes new life of the 80s classic, bringing new Subtlety, elegance and rich expression.

The remix will surely penetrate deep into the minds of listeners. This is a track ready for mass consumption that will undeniably leave its mark on all who listen, as it continues to play in your head hours after hearing it!