The Red Cords, “Dead Heat”

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The Red Cords

UK label PNKSLM is putting out garage punks The Red Cords' new EP this week, which is great for two important reasons. The group is from Cornwall, the tiny awesome English beach town famous for its hens, and also because it features “Dead Heat,” a down-to-earth track that beats along happily at a pace that's fast enough to wash away your Mondays but slow enough to relax those stubborn nerves. The lyric “I get so tired, I wanna sleep all day / I get so wired, I guess there's no other way” basically says it all. Energetic, but calm, in the early Ty Segall tradition, there's no mistaking these guys for gloomy, neurotic city-dwellers.

The EP drops through PNKSLM today. You can stream “Dead Heat” below.