Psychic Ills, “I Don’t Mind”

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Psychic Ills inner journey out

When two established names in psychedelic music come together on a track, one might expect to discern who brings what to the table, each’s distinct voice coming through and either meshing, or clashing with the other’s. However, in the case of Psychic Ills and Hope Sandoval (of Mazzy Star), on the track, “I Don’t Mind”, the collaboration is so mutually complimentary, the lines where one ends and the other begins, are hazy. The track will appear on Psychic Ills’ new record, Inner Journey Out, out June 3 on Sacred Bones, and it’s a meshing of cool acoustic strumming, slick organ keys and what sounds very much like a slide machine.

The three musical elements ride easy along an undiscovered desert highway, escaping the restraints of a past life, but it’s not with the immediacy of desperation, but rather, having already shaken them off and allowing the new venture to flow through them. Each instrument beautifully takes its turn stepping into the forefront and back, allowing for the next. Every issue of the slide guitar is like staring into a blazing sun, and the decision of organ tones are the rippled of heat haze emanating from the ground. Sandoval and Psychic Ills vocalist Tres Warren brave the glare to embrace the coming barrenness with open arms, their “ignorance is bliss” approach to the unknown emanating in the utterance of, “I don’t mind where you’ve been, but I would rather not know.”