Psychic Mind, “The Ringer”

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San Francisco-based psychedelic rock trio Psychic Mind – comprised of Matt Stein (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Nick Stein (drums, guitar, keyboards, flute, trumpet, vocals), and Ron Doré (bass, vocals) – have been working hard on their 5-track self-titled EP, set to release this fall. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of their single “The Ringer” below.

Tranquil, with hints of vintage sound scattered across the composition. The instrumentals are smooth, making you feel as though you’re laying on an intricate rug in a decade past, staring up at a tapestry hanging from the ceiling. When the vocals come in, they match that sentiment very well (i.e. “Smoking too much weed”), and are delivered in a hazy way, as if recorded through a megaphone. The reverb is absolutely invigorating, and we’d be hard pressed to find another chill song that matches this one for setting a mood.

Psychic Mind is out soon. Keep up with the guys here.