Psychocide, "Temporary Friends"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Nothing wrong with injecting a little punk in your rock.


Born out of Goldwyn Thandrayen’s solo work, Psychocide is picking up steam as a full-band project. During a mixing session for Thandrayen’s The Goldwyn Experiment -Avenue A, a guitar solo caught the attention of engineer Christian Cummings, whose past collaborations include U2, Blink-182, Switchfoot, and The Used.
Rounding out the new group are Wilson Li (drums), Joey Blais (guitar) and Charlie Chain (bass). Now in Toronto together, Psychocide has a full-length, debut record out this March 3rd, Alcohol & Bad Decisions.
So what exactly is “Temporary Friends” about? Well, turns out that it’s an interesting story:

“This song was written at the height of our party phase. . . Often there were a few people who stuck around after our parties were over, and for those who were awake, we would bond on one objective: finding the next party. At this point, we were out of our minds, it was 9am/10am, and there were no parties going on- people were going to work.
But we were stubborn, determined, and highly incoherent. So we would chase the dragon. We never found any parties, EVER. “Collette” referred to in the song is a metaphor for the dragon.”


Telling the story of a variety of characters that will eventually star in a comic book, “Temporary Friends” is a piece of a larger whole. We aren’t sure how Alcohol & Bad Decisions will be thematically brought together, but we do hope for more interesting stories and guitar solos that catch the attention of Christian Cummings and others.
The relative simplicity of the story behind “Temporary Love” is easy to miss — Psychocide is a brand new outfit, but are already shaping into fantastic storytellers.


The preorder for Psychocide’s Alcohol & Bad Decisions can be found on both iTunes and Bandcamp. Their Facebook has a growing number of followers as well.