Pyramid Vritra, “Track Three”

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Only six months after debut Indra LP, LA rap artist Pyramid Vritra (the solo project of rapper/producer Hal Williams) has just released a new single, “Track Three”. The song comes from William’s second Pyramid LP, Palace, which came out on Stones Throw Records earlier this week. The track features a crazy loop with an R&B-esque vocal sample, heavy keys, and an almost a-rhythmic drum beat. In stark contrast, William’s steady, steamrolling flow gives some semblance of order to the cluttered, messy beat, which nevertheless drives constantly throughout the song.

Like the other songs on the album, Williams says that “Track Three” is part of the album’s high concept. As Williams puts it, “each track in the Palace is a different room, all fitting together, filling the halls and painting this estate with sound.” With that concept in mind, if I had to guess which room it was, I would say that “Track Three” takes place in the funky kitchen, where Williams writes his songs with his musical ingredients–“kick, snare, chord, melody”–using his, “speciality, knowledge chef it up/I write the recipe.”

You can tour the rest of Palace by buying it through Stones Throw and stream “Track Three” below: