QT, “Hey QT”

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Coked-up Mickey Mouse Club vibes are back with a sinisterly saccharine snippet from PC Music‘s latest project, QT.

But you can ditch the club drugs and drinks in favor of Sophie and A.G. Cook‘s new QT Energy Elixir, which is accompanied by a dizzingly fizzy, 20-second soundbyte appropriately dubbed “Hey QT”. Bubbly, candy colored and hair twirl-inducing, it’s classic PC Music in the sense that this gum-smacking sample will probably be the most irritatingly addictive earworm to hit the jingle circuit this summer.

Details are still shady, but Diplo is apparently involved with an upcoming mix for the digi-kitsch project. But while you wait for XL + PC to make it Internet official, you can prep yourself for the Boiler Room LA supershow this Friday, which features QT, OneOhTrix Point Never, Hudson Mohawke, and more.