Radar Eyes, “Disconnection”

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Radar Eyes

Chicago's Radar Eyes formed in late '07 and with nearly five years under their belt the psyche-rock band is rightfully due for a debut album. Radar Eyes have blessed the 7″ countless times through different band members. The lack of a full length in the process somewhat explains the title of the first single, “Disconnection,” on their self-titled debut.

Radar Eyes play with the shoegazed despondency of Spacemen 3 or those parallelized moments dispersed in The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Methodrone. Some music sounds like a proper backdrop to the moment the cord attaching you to the outside of your spacecraft snaps and there's no hope for a change in trajectory unless a distant planet's gravity reels you in.

“Disconnection” could be about that very moment, perhaps the cord was cut by a jealous lover, but like great psychedelic songwriting the prompt is vague. It's possible to apply Radar Eyes to the heart and get downright bummed by it. The single also has a transcendent instrumental passage that keeps the firm grip on the trajectory. Radar Eyes are not out for sky dive speeds nor willing to drift too far into the ethereal. They've harnessed a limbo and play with absolute control of it's possibilities.

Radar Eyes, “Disconnection”

Radar Eyes' self-titled debut ships in February on HoZac.