Railcars remix Seamonsters into evil

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Seamonster made the sweet, sensitive “Oh Appalachia” so that Railcars could stain it with a dark electro seed.

Seamonster recorded the soft-touch vocal oohs and ahs of “Oh Appalachia” in Virginia so that they could keep company with Super 8 footage of suburboid kids on a California beach (see below). Railcars remixed the track so that those associations could never again be made.

Now the remix has to travel out into the world fully aware of what it once was and what it has become. Too fucked up to work at a club, plenty cerebral to know exactly where it came from, resigned to weaning its existence here on out in headphones and bedrooms, nocturnal and never to make cross-continental references to beautiful nature things, ever again.

Seamonster, “Oh Appalachia” (Railcars remix)

Seamonster, “Oh Appalachia”