Rainy Milo, “This Thing Of Ours” (Ellie Herring Remix)

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In music, we often look to the lyrics to glean what the emotional content of a song might be. However, in many genres, such as electronic music, language ends up breaking down and sentimental cues are absent. Kentucky-based electronic producer Ellie Herring proves that words can be distilled while emotions can be amplified in her remix of Rainy Milo’s “This Thing Of Ours”. The song was originally the title track off the London-based artist’s debut album released in 2014. It’s a song about the fear of getting left behind and the pain of holding out hope, encapsulated lyrically (“She held the ground for you / When you didn’t know what to do”). On Herring’s 2014 EP Chipped, she displayed an ability to channel introspection in creative ways. In this remix, Milo’s vocals are bottled down into oohs that resemble a lonely siren call. Spacey synths undulate below cavernous vocals until the song builds to a fast-tempo catharsis.