Ras G, “Breakfast Blunts”

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Ras G

For some it's a hot pot of coffee to start the day, others it's a 40oz for breakfast, L.A.'s Ras G is all about the breakfast blunts.

Ras G has been a fixture in the L.A. beat scene since the 90s, creating spaced out funk burners over face melting breaks. When he's not kicking it with Flying Lotus as a member of the Brainfeeder's crew, he heads The Afrikan Space Program. The ASP's primary objective is to create the music that will be played in the ghettos of Mars in 3014. Man, what a drag. I'm no pinko (don't get it twisted), but to think that even on distant planets, in the distant future there's already little hope for economic equality. That's a sad vision of the intergalactic future, but it justifies blunts for breakfast. I once had a panic attack, while watching Planet Earth after learning it was inevitable that the Earth would be destroyed by the sun, so I understand the necessity to get high to get by.

Ras G's “Breakfast Blunts” is a part of All City Records' L.A. series. The 10″ is a split with label mate Samiyam.

Buy the 10″ here.

Ras G, “Breakfast Blunts”