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Reading Rainbow

Our favorite married band Reading Rainbow linked up with Italian label Hell, Yes! for its latest 7″ entitled “Cover The Sky”. Naturally we endorse the Hell, Yes!/Reading Rainbow union, as the Italians helped rock our Saturday night in Austin quite properly. We also support the exploration of European labels, as this is Reading Rainbow's second overseas 7″, the first being a split with Coasting on Atelier Ciseaux. Perhaps a Fierce Panda tape is in their foreseeable future?

The single aligns comfortably into the Philly band's decorated catalog of releases. We keep waiting for RR to jump the shark and write a song that's far too marriage-y for our refined taste, but once again our word bullets remain in the chamber as we drift off in the splendor of another gnarly guitar song.

“Cover The Sky” is out April 11. Pre-orders can be made here if you're Italian, otherwise do it here.