Relive – Sounds of the New Era EP

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Spanish composer combines electronic and classical sounds on thrilling, elusive new EP

Behind the mesmerizing sounds of Relive‘s new EP Sounds of the New Era is Spanish composer Alvaro Sardina. As a teenager, Alvaro ran nightclub events around Madrid, such as the “Zombie Club” and the “Zoologico Club” whilst mastering his skills and ambitions with synthesizers to create elusive electronic sounds. Upon first listen to his EP, you can see that his interest in electronic music has combined with his knowledge of classical music after studying piano at the Alvaro Salazar music school in Madrid. 

“Diamond Castles,” the last track on the EP, gives off an elusive feel with its heavy kick drums, running wavering bass lines, and crafty use of reverb. Shuffled drums along with electronic sounds and polyrhythms all come together to create colorful textures throughout. Opening track “Golden Land” explores a more uplifting feel with its groove-line bass, shuffling drums, heavy house piano chords and vocal samples.

“Orbayu” brings this EP to a beautiful midpoint, incorporating hard hitting and distant-sounding piano strings with intricate percussion, wind & eastern string instruments – utilizing the use of a granular vocal effect at the conclusion of the piece. Speaking on the inspiration behind his stunning new EP, Relive states:

“This year, finally, was the year,” he shared. “After a long and beautiful process of composition over the years, I decided to take it one step further. I decided to fight my fears. I decided to share with the world all my potential, straight from the heart. My aim is to tell the most fantastic stories, making people connect with themselves and with their inner nature.” 

With such a unique and ambitious sound, we can’t wait to hear what Relive has up his sleeve next. Sounds of the New Era is out now. You can listen below: