Riley Lake remixes Mssingno's “XE2”

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Riley Lake Remix

Known for his work on milo's double EP and Cavalcade mixtape in 2013, producer Riley Lake has mostly kept his affinity for club bangers at bay. When he's not on the road with milo or holed up in the studio breathing life into art rap, he's got tracks like Mssingno's “XE2” on the mind.

Mssingno is a London-based grime producer who's gained notoriety for his r&b vocal flips of Brandy and on “XE2” he turns an inconsequential lyric from R. Kelly's “I'm A Flirt” into a refrain worth pelting out with eyes clinched shut and head tilted high on the dancefloor – bringing that passion and drama. Largely percussion less, but serene and pristine despite R. Kelly's best efforts to prowl through the clean wax, “XE2” is part of what some feel so brazen to call second wave instrumental grime – take it or leave it.

Originally premiered on Do The Astral Plane, Riley Lake's “XE2” (Frozen Edit) puts the chiller on an already icey production by Mssingno. Being that Lake is primarily known for his hip hop production, his edit of “XE2” lingers less on the synthy passages in favor of bendy bassline lines and eski clicks.