Ro Ransom, “Doppelgänger”

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In the midst of a “new New York” movement, Harlem’s Ro Ransom is a rising name to watch. Making noise with his “See Me Fall” and “Talk Too Much” tracks, Ro is back with “Doppelgänger,” a single from his upcoming—and aptly named–Momentum project. Ransom’s appeal is based heavily on melodic flows, and relatable songwriting with mass appeal. Such is the case with “Doppelgänger,” which manages to showcase a new sonic direction while relying on his strengths.

Riding a jubilant synth melody with a caribbean flavor crafted by Brenton Duvall and Sweater Beats, Ransom sings to the object of his affection, who’s so similar to him they might as well be the same. “I could never be mad at my twin,” he surmises. But before you get the wrong impression from the production and soft vocals, this isn’t strictly a lovey-dovey affair. His blunt, bare lyrics add a needed dose of cynicism to an otherwise playful, sugary affair.

Momentum doesn’t have a release date, but as he notes on Soundcloud, it’s on the way. You can listen to “Doppelgänger” below.