Rory Ferreira, “Self Reliance Mix”

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Many know him as milo, others aware of Scallops Hotel. His mother calls him Ro. Given the alias options, this week’s Friday Night mix is contributed by Rory Ferreira, a decision encompassing the creative vessel and further explained within the context of the selected songs.

In 2014 Ferreira moved to Los Angeles to pursue the rap life with the Hellfyre Club label/collective. It was integral in the completion and purveyance of A Toothpaste Suburb, the official milo debut. Ferreira’s stint in LA did not keep, but the indelible impression its made on his mental amounts to an education. If we look at post-LA music, particularly the Scallops Hotel record Plain Speaking, Ferreira channels the Blowedian heritage in both the griot aesthetic and in some respects homage (e.g. borrowing Aceyalone’s “brothers like me don’t live too long…” refrain on “Lavender Chunk”). The impression of the Leimert Park scene of yore remains in his fabric and the “Self Reliance Mix” is an exploration of those impressionable records, as well as a linear look into the current purveyors like SB the Moor and Ferreira’s brethren in Milwaukee, like and Offsite.

Shout out to Horace Grant.

“Self Reliance Mix” tracklisting:

01 Watts Prophets, “What is a Man?”
02 Antipop Consortium, “Disorientations” (Apani B Fly verse)
03 Redwall, “tree root”
04 Micah James, “Lightskinned”
05 AWOL ONE & Daddy Kev, “Rules of the week”
06 Bobbi Humphrey, “Harlem River Drive”
07 SB the Moor, “.//End”
08 Erule, “Synopsis (instrumental)”
09, “STRINGS + raps”
10 Darkleaf, “For Her Souly, Slowly, Solely”
11 unreleased Shango Zeropoint x Scallops Hotel demo, “building, watching”
12 unreleased Akrasis ft Offsite, “Good Intentions (ladyboy)”

Scallops Hotel’s Plain Speaking is out digitally on Ruby Yacht and Bandcamp.