Run DMT gets the act together

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run dmt

The Impose office was aware of Run DMT for some time, mention of a drone show here, a video with Blissed Out in front of Prada there, but despite having one of the cleverest druggy pun names in the biz, we have yet to officially discuss Run DMT. Congratulations on getting your shit together and starting a tape label, Run DMT.

Culture Dealer put out tapes by EOLA (Edwin White of TONSTARTSSBANDHT), CGI Pants (Andy White of TONSTARTSSBANDHT) and a green VHS tape with dream exploits, nose camera shots and videos by… well, more stuff from TONSTARTSSBANDHT. Rather than join Run DMT in the obsessing and stalking of TONSTARTSSBANDHT, we are giving dap to his Dreams cassette.

Teasing in its brevity, “Dreaming” is what we've been waiting to hear from Run DMT; serene tape-loop pop that would fit nicely on a mix entitled “Doobie Ashtray” or perhaps, “Too Hungover for Harsh Shit”.

Get the Dreams cassette and other fine tapes at Culture Dealer.