Running In The Fog, “Killer Tofu”

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Running In The Fog has entered the fray that is the Father/Daughter Records Faux Real Compilation II with a cover from the Nickelodeon cartoon Doug. The song, played on the show by the jokily-named “The Beets”, received a full makeover from Amanda Harper (RITF) and comes out sounding distinctively her own. There are moody synths and snare snaps that inspire serious movement — especially when realizing the lyrics are entirely about interactions with “that strange bean curd.”

“I grew up on Nick Toons so aside from Doug being my favorite, I really like the original ‘Killer Tofu,'” says Harper. “It’s got great harmonies and is actually a really good song. I knew I would have fun playing with it and taking ‘The Beets’ to the club (pun intended).” As far as missives on tofu go, the song is exemplary. Even without the subject matter being considered, however, Harper has put together an immensely likeable track, that sounds different from many of the other songs on the compilation. Hers is a slinky take on a more electronic vein, and it ends up sounding like the soundtrack to a disco-punk prom, in absolutely the best way possible.

“Killer Tofu” is streaming below; the compilation is out April 28 via Father/Daughter.