Ryan Hemsworth, “BasedWorld”

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Ryan Hemsworth

In the 1990s every high school basketball team, at least in the Midwest, was introduced to the same set of 20 crowd-pumpin' grooves by one-hit wonder hip hop and dance groups. You got your name announced to your community to the beat of 2 Limited, Technotronic, and House of Pain and it was awesome, baby. With no Tommy Boy Records, the Jock Jams compilations ceased to be. Since those halcyon days of arena-worthy megamixes, few hits have crossed over into the NBA-stream. Lupe Fiasco's “Superstar” had a good run during Lebron's reign in Cleveland and we assume most starting 5s come out to Watch The Throne's “Niggas In Paris”.

Enter a cinderella story from Halifax, Nova Scotia named Ryan Hemsworth. He was a beast behind the boards in 2012 with his Last Words EP and producing countless bangers for the likes of Deniro Farrar, Main Attrakionz, and Shady Blaze. We must also not forget that he can remix an already certified gold hit with maximalist precision. He's got the accolades, the resume even, for the job, which is why we'd like to nominate Ryan Hemsworth for the position of arena-entrance music composer. Still not sure how all this ties together? Well, listen to “BasedWord” below, and act like you don't want to dim the lights in your living room, run a slide show of your proudest moments on your laptop, and then have your mom shine a spotlight on the bedroom door, as it swings open and you come running out to cheers as the rolling toms unleash the dramatic beat drop. Act like if you had a gym to yourself right now, you wouldn't pretend like you were about to step on the court at the United Center in the 90s to go shot for shot against MJ to this beat.