Sage The 64th Wonder ft. Kyd Whalee and TL Beatz, "BLESS"

Post Author: Andre G

Chicago spitter Sage The 64th Wonder’s album was a pleasant end-of-year surprise, but the didn’t rest on the laurels set forth on the introspective album. He’s set to release his Dead.Villainy album this Spring, which he promises will “welcome” us all to “his world.” In between the two projects, the prolific rhymer, producer (and graphic artist) has been sprinkling us with gems, but now it’s time to get ready for the main attraction.
Today, Sage released “BLESS,” the dreamy 1st single from the album. For those unsure of the difference between a picnic and a cookout, let Sage, his cousin Kyd Wahlee, and TL Beatz define the perfect atmosphere for the latter. Over a sparkling Emperor Bohe production, Wahlee sets an idyllic scene of food on the grill, coronas in hand – and his two girlfriends there pretending to be friends. All is going well, until one of them cut him. For his part, he seems undisturbed with her assault, focused mainly on “makeup sex.” Through it all, he’s still blessed.
Sage and TL also come through with strong verses that set a nice precedent for Dead.Villainy, due in July, and future Slump Gang projects.
You can stream “BLESS” below.