Salem screws These New Puritans

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We went on record agreeing with everyone's mother that Salem are no business to be had live, not even with a ten foot pole hitting the space bar of your laptop as you eye a Youtube video from the other side of your ten-foot long apartment. Seriously, they have some shit to clean up in that department.

But that's not really the point for them, anyway. Their strength is in the basic concept of taking chopped and screwed music and throwing it up with the bliss of ambient synth washs and vocals ethereal-ized with the power of kaleidoscopic digital reverb.

For this remix of These New Puritan's “Hologram”, the trio takes their production operandi to its logical next step, keeping those slow syruppy hi hat hits, and throwing a down-pitched verse into the synthetic bath.

These New Puritans, “Hollogram” (Salem Remix)