Sam Gas Can, “Anna On The Phone”

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Sam Gas Can

“Play that again, it's catchy.” That was the response my boyfriend had upon hearing Sam Gas Can's “Anna on the Phone”. Perhaps catchy is an understatement. Sam Gas Can, the mysterious Massachusetts-based experimentalist, is know for creating eclectic arrangements that defy simple genre labels. His newest release, I Sat Around Today, is one of his lengthiest releases yet, and the longer run time has allowed Sam to stretch his sound in a variety of directions.

“Anna on the Phone” is undoubtably the poppiest song, partly due to a childish beat that feels like it could have been made by Gene on Bob's Burgers. Speaking of cartoons, “Anna on the Phone” could soundtrack a montage of cartoon characters cheerfully going about their daily activities with a swing in their step and a smile on their face; there is no way this song won't make you smile. Sarah Smith, of Blanche Blanche Blanche, is featured on the song, just one of a motley crew of guest stars on the album.

I Sat Around Today is out now on Crash Symbols.