Scott Yoder, “Silver Boy”

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Scott Yoder

The Bowie influence may sparkle thick through “Silver Boy,” the first single from Scott Yoder’s debut solo album Looking Back In Blue, but this is no ghoulish and cynical attempt to cash in on the iconic artist’s death. The former member of The Pharmacy picked this lush tune with its fantastical themes, big instrumentation and languorous early-’70s psych-pop melody as the lead single well before anyone knew Bowie was sick. Yoder actually wrote “Silver Boy” around a personal injury: “I actually wrote it the day after a bicycle accident when i broke my wrist at the end of 2014,” he says. “I was walking up a long hill to the hospital to pick up pain medication when I mumbled the melody line into my phone. I was feeling pretty low, and a nice little fantasy about a strange outerspace creature who vanishes into nothingness was an appealing muse to follow. C and D minor were the chords of least resistance when my cast finally came off, and they happened to suit the song just fine.”

Looking Back In Blue will be available March 25 on Annibale Records. Listen to “Silver Boy” below: