Scout Paré-Phillips, Door Left Open

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Brooklyn’s genre-blending artist (photographer, filmmaker, model, songwriter, and vocalist) Scout Paré-Phillips releases her latest work – an album titled Door Left Open – tomorrow. We’ve got your exclusive first listen to the ten track wonder right here, right now.
Inspired by heartbreak while touring with her previous album Heed the Call, then entirety of Door Left Open is comprised of deep, emotional lyrics and vivid, unique instrumentals. While Paré-Phillips’ voice lives in a completely different atmosphere than basically any other vocalist – her image is a perfect blend of ethereal badassery that is reflected in her vocals -, the instrumentals swap between simple compositions to highlight her vocals and booming cacophonies of sound that push the entire album forward with incredible momentum.
Door Left Open is pure art. It’s Paré-Phillips heart, laying bare and open for all to witness. So pay witness. You might find that it speaks to you too.

Door Left Open is out tomorrow. It is available for preorder now.