Sean Gadd, "Never Be Beautiful"

Post Author: Anna Selle

Sean Gadd is finding comfort in his own skin in the simple, yet honest, “Never Be Beautiful.” Gadd’s latest single lays down a upbeat rhythm and a string of self-defining epitaphs. On the surface, “Beautiful” is a bubbly pop song with duet vocals compliments of Hannah Hooper, Gadd’s long-time friend and former Grouplove bandmate. A little deeper, this track is a testament to self-love and acceptance, as Gadd shirks any self-shame and embraces the uglier sides of himself.
“When I wrote this song I felt I had a lot to shout about and it was satisfying to direct my energy in this way. This is why music is often my savior. I wrote the lyrics as we recorded the song, it was all a bit of a blur, only when I listened back I thought, ‘Yeah I made my point.'”
Admissions of fault intertwined with positive self-metaphors, “Beautiful” challenges you to love yourself from every vantage point.

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