Sean Nicholas Savage, “Casablanca”

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Sean Nicholas Savage, "Casablanca," Other Death

Another year, another Sean Nicholas Savage album. With the announcement of his new record, Other Death, due September 18 on Arbutus Records, comes the release of its lead single, “Casablanca.” A true pop song, “Casablanca” puts Savage’s tender vocals on full display, half-whispering and half-singing about a short, passionate relationship. This ethereal, gossamer storytelling is framed by a shimmering, R&B-tinged electronic beat. Airy and breezy, “Casablanca” is a sharp departure from 2014’s heavier, more serious Bermuda Waterfall. This new blissful single shows another side of the many-faced pop omnivore also responsible for 2013’s often sad Other Life, the album to which Other Deathis a nod.

Despite the foreboding title, Other Death promises to be more upbeat, pop-oriented, and cleanly produced than many of Sean Nicholas Savage’s prior releases. An integral staple of the now-famous Montreal scene hatched around Lab Synthèse, Sean made his upcoming record a group effort. Other Death was recorded in California with a number of Montreal fixtures: Agor of Blue Hawaii, Airick Woodhead of Doldrums, and Jane Penny and David Carriere of TOPS all contributed. If “Casablanca” is any indication, expect Other Death to be a bubbly pop record as viewed through the strange kaleidoscope of Savage and his collaborators.

Other Death is out September 18 on Arbutus Records. You can stream “Casablanca” below.