Secret Frequency Crew, Escapes

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Established indie electronic artist Michna has re-established his existing moniker Secret Frequency Crew to roll out some amazing new music. His stunning, layered 6 track EP Escapes finds its premiere here, right now. (While latest single “Utopia” can be found on their Youtube channel as well.)
Following its original mission to operate within an experimental sound space, Secret Frequency Crew keeps the bass bumping and the energy up throughout Escapes. Explains Michan, “Most of the songs start with bass lines and layer up from there. There were lots of live takes with analog synths, going for feel by keeping the best parts, including mistakes.”
Our advice for this bass heavy work? Throw it on repeat and dance your heart out! It really might be the best option for your next party, or a club environment go-to!

Escapes is available via Waxploitation Records. Keep up with Michna here.