Sediment Club, “Rotten Roll”

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Hudson-based Sediment Club are one of the key defenders of the no-wave inspired resurgence that we’ve seen coming out of the East Coast this year. Artists like Guerilla Toss, Palberta, Big Neck Police, and Show Me the Body have brought new minds to sounds similarly explored by the early 80’s New York no-wave scene. Pioneered by artists like Arto Lindsay and his band DNA, The Contortions, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Laurie Anderson, Lydia Lunch and many others, they sought out dark and physically visceral worlds. Sediment Club has been harnessing that atmosphere, solidifying themselves as nothing less than a shocking band, protesting accessibility. It’s anger that drives the sound, and the bodily reactions to their instruments permeates tense performances, as the group invests their entire physical being into the music.

30 Seconds Too Late is the most recent release to come from the trio via NNA Tapes. Five songs of screeching madness, there’s a constant paranoia that runs through every track, perhaps most perpetuated by Austin Julian’s screeching, panicked vocals. On “Rotten Roll” his guitar is a machine gun, spraying himself and everything else around him like a one man firing squad. Neglecting special effects is a marker of the bands resourcefulness; the tones are primal at their core, arresting and jagged. Listening to Sediment Club is a mutual experience—there’s a clear message: “Feel my anger, feel what it’s like and don’t fuckin’ forget it.”

Stream “Rotten Roll” below and buy the tape here via NNA Tapes.