See Gulls, Curtain Call

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See Gulls have been harnessing insane rockability and incredible live performance skills since its inception in 2013. The four piece – made up of Sarah Fuller, Maria Albani, Duncan Webster, and Leah Gibson – is known for their cascading harmonies, and the innate ability to write incredibly relatable tracks. Their new EP Curtain Call – their follow-up to their critically-acclaimed 2015 debut You Can’t See Me – is out today, and we have the premiere right here for you to enjoy.

album art, by drummer Maria Albani
album art, by drummer Maria Albani

The EP starts it off with a stellar guitar riff on “Boss Hog”, sing/speaking of the mundanity of office life. “It’s the same as it ever was” repeats, allowing the listener to consider their own work situation between each note. (K. Cool. Thanks, guys.) “Where Are We Going” brings a different, more vintage, vibe to an older composition from the band. We’re fans of the mid-tempo pace and 50’s feel, as it’s a departure from their norm and proves they’ve got the cross-genre thing working for them. The third song, “Kidding Me”, starts out rather eerily, with morphed vocals and a video game villain-meets-murder mystery sound to it. (We just made that up, but it makes sense.)

“I Want It” holds an interesting sentiment in its lyrics. Apparently she really wants you to want her, and she doesn’t care how. But don’t we all have that propensity to some capacity, when we have found something we want badly enough? So take those double entendres and run with them! “I Wrote It” follows suit in the claims department (Ha!), a little more upbeat, hip-swaying track with gorgeous guitar work. “You’re Here” rounds out Curtain Call with a slower tempo, heavy guitar, and a melancholic sound overall. It’s a bittersweet bookend, addressing – largely – the fleeting emotions associated with dreams. It’s our favorite track on the album, and we’re curious to see how it is received the next time we see See Gulls live.

Curtain Call is available now.