Seven Fields of Aphelion, Black Moth offshoot

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XLR8R brought to our attention an offspring of Black Moth Super Rainbow's live configuration.

The Seven Fields of Aphelion present what might happen when those creatures of Tobacco land who spend their days nodding their heads and ingesting mushrooms finally ascend that super rainbow of black moths towards a plane of being that, if not higher in some interpretations of the word, certainly rains down on its listeners from the gleaming heavens.

The hand behind the swirling synth and piano melodies and arpeggios (Maux Boyle) is also, apparently, the fantastic photographer responsible for a photo essay Impose organized a few years back for a feature about the cult of Black Moth Super Rainbow. See those here.

Enjoy a track from the upcoming Periphery, on Graveface.

Seven Fields of Aphelion, “Mountain Mary”