Shark Week, “Go West”

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shark week

The pioneer lifestyle was never one I've actively sought out, given the tendency to fall ill with dysentary or have an arm amputated due to a poisoned watering hole, but with one listen to Shark Week's “Go West”, I'm starting to reconsider. There's an effortless jangle to the tune and an unmistakable pioneer mentality, a forward-moving momentum that is spurred on by sharpened tambourines and crisp, vintage guitar lines as thoroughly western as your oldest cowboy boots. Thumping along underneath are drums that sound like the steady clip of a horse on the run, and when Shark Week's lead vocalist sings, “I'm broken into a million little pieces,” his voice is struggling to convey a secret pain that only the silent Marlboro Man might know about.

The seven-inch this track appears on, Santurce, is available for preorder through Analog Edition Records here.