Shere Disraeli, “Something”

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We recently introduced relatively new singer-songwriter Shere Disraeli to you guys with his single “Coffee and Weed”, something we described as a self-love anthem. You guys were obviously impressed, so we’ve decided to partner with this budding talent to premiere his latest single, “Something”. Check it out below.

The track starts off with a quick rock melody and well-placed percussion. At 0:17, Shere’s voice comes in with the words, “I need to soar / wings out the door” at an upbeat clip. It doesn’t take long to realize that this song serves as an inspirational “there’s something more out there” type of song. Shere himself may have realized unlimited potential in himself and transferred that ideal into “Something”, and even if that’s not exactly the turn of events that unfolded, we’re fans of the sentiment.

Shere will play the Buzzbands LA Chinatown stage during the Ciclavia Festival on October 16th at noon.