ShowYouSuck, OMPP4: Slice After Death

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OMPP4 Slice After Death

I cannot escape the universal magnetic feeling I was meant to hear ShowYouSuck's new mixtape OMPP4: Slice After Death today. Some reducers could say, “well, that's because Impose Photo Editor Eric Phipps posted on Facebook about it”. Partial truth. There's more to the arrival though. It begins with mistakenly humming Soul For Real's “Candy Rain” after seeing Heems Instagram photo outside the 112 show at B.B. King's. My mind ain't what it used to be. It ends with ShowYouSuck humming the same 90s r&b chorus on “Clam Chowder Soup” (J Arthur Remix).

One Man Pizza Party 4: Slice of Death is like taking the greatest scenes from your favorite trilogies and splicing them together to make an ultra-awesome fan's cut. Jump straight to the choreographed dance routines in House Party, strictly laugh at Indiana Jones being a mysognist towards the damsels, transition into each new scene with Dr. Emmett Brown shouting “great Scott!”, minimalize the pains of Keanu's acting with all the fights scenes in The Matrix series, and set it all to Herbie Hancock's soundtrack work on Beverly Hills Cop. Can you dig it?

Download ShowYouSuck's OMPP4: Slice After Death here.