Silly Goose, “Anthem Part Two” (Blink-182 cover)

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Bringing the West Coasts States of California and Washington closer together, Seattle's Silly Goose takes on the SoCal repertoire of Blink-182 in the premier of their “Anthem Part Two” cover. Jenn Ghetto (of S and Carissa's Wierd) tries on her best Tom DeLonge, accompanied by Grand Archives' Jeff Montano playing the part of Mark Hoppus, while Thomas Wright takes on the role of Travis Barker. The project came to life after they shared a tour where Jenn discovered the creative performance release [and perhaps existential purgation] of putting the songwriting process for S on hold while ripping into the instant gratification of music made for belly flopping into San Diego swimming pools of suburbia.

And before you entertain that inner voice of preconceived judgement, the sound of '90s youth in rebellion takes on a new found, somehow enduring and relevant new life. The nasal guidance of DeLonge circa Take Off Your Pants and Jacket gets it's SD, Signature Sound traded for the Northwest indie revolt that made alternative music's second coming a viable, and commercial entity to begin with. The difference is when Jenn, Jeff, and Thomas take pointed aim at the, 'everything has fallen to pieces' disenfranchised-disenchantment; it comes from a slightly less polished and direct place of meaning with care and real teeth that bite. “Let this train wreck burn more slowly, kids are victims in this story…we need guidance, we've been misled, young and hostile, but not stupid.”

While Tom, Mark and Travis's stupid and contagious original might have come across perhaps as everything from the apathetic, complacent, disingenuous, and pampered mainstream-MCA-majora; the indie Seattle take injects “Anthem Part Two” with pertinence and does the near impossible of making the adolescent angst sound less dumb but relevant for today. “Corporate leaders, politicians, kids can't vote, adults elect them”. The attention paid and reapplied focus of Silly Goose gives a new anarchic air free of the former's safety constraints where the frustration of things falling apart are picked up and given new life, a new understanding and a modern era frustration that finds a new relatable identity for the current event upheavals of the day. “We really need to see this through, we never wanted to be abused, we'll never give up, it's no use, if we're fucked up then you're to blame”. The attitudes and disaffections left over from the '90s resound with revolutionary intents that turn full circle and become more fully realized now by Blink's contemporaries than they ever did originally.

We chatted with Jenn about how S conjoined forces with members of Grand Archives to somehow become a Blink-182 tribute act.

First, what is the deal with the Blink obsession?

I wouldn't necessarily say obsession, but i have never had a bad time listening to Blink-182….they are just a great band, and it's something you might not even realize until you learn a bunch of songs they wrote, and play them for people who say they don't even like Blink-182, but there they are knowing and singing all the words to all the songs…

Why form a Blink-182 cover band to begin with?

Forming this band really came out of wanting to spend sometime with friends and have it be really awesome. I have mostly been in bands that are shoegaze-y and quiet. I thought some folks I know would get a real kick out of it, and no one believed we would actually do it.

…Also why not?!

What are your feelings by bands that have kept the California dumb wave of say your Blink-Eye Blind so resonating in the rise of WAVVES-er wavers and so many more?

I really don't think Blink-182 should ever be lumped in the same category as Third Eye Blind, ever, no offense.

Favorite Blink song?

I love so many!

Least favorite Blink song?

Answering this question is just going to piss people off. I do have folks come up to me on the street and tell me what songs we should be playing, and it is like the most rare Blink-182 song you could ever think of, every time, and I feel somewhat embarrassed that I have no idea what they are taking about.

What's next for S, Carissa's Wierd, and such?

As for S, I've made some more songs about break-ups and I really really hope to put them on a record and have it out early next year. I've got a little band and we have a tour in September, I am selling great looking t-shirts also.
And well, Carissa's Wierd is a mystery even to me…

Silly Goose's debut 7″ will be available August 27 from End of Time Records.