Sir Michael Rocks' emergency line

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Sir Michael Rocks

The Fresh Daily section somehow missed Sir Michael Rocks' “Bat Phone” entirely and for that, I apologize. July 2010, really? At least, we were bumping “Bahamas” and “The Sunshine”.

Off of Sir Michael's Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe, the “Bat Phone” Remix features Smoke DZA, who thanks Michael for two-minute loop. We're all thankful in this case as the remix, complete with DZA's signature “riiiiight” magnifies the dope sounds. We're also thankful for the influx of Cool Kids related output in the past few months. It seems as though the Chi-natives are not only pushing beyond their “throwback” scarlet letter, but are making good on finally releasing When Fish Ride Bicycles as well as multiple solo and supergroup ventures. It was worth the wait.

Sir Michael Rocks, “Bat Phone ” (Remix) (feat. Smoke DZA)