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Sister Crayon

Sister Crayon is an indie-pop meets trip hop outfit from Sacramento that is dropping its highly-anticipated <a href=””>Manimal Vinyl debut Bellow on the final day of February. It won't be much longer until the four piece fronted by Terra Lopez is as well known as its label mates.

The group sent a few remixes our way, which we are thrilled to debut. The first remix is a reworking of the heart-string tugging single “In Reverse” by Busdriver. He applies an LA beat mentality to the Sister Crayon original, treating Lopez's vocals as a distant ghost crooning over his glitch and crunchy drum production. Looping the refrain “it's so easy to get distracted,” Busdriver takes the words as a cue to punch in tangents of 8-bit drum pattern awareness. The remix can also be found on Busdriver's Computer Cooties mixtape.

Sister Crayon, “In Reverse” (Busdriver Remix)

Fellow Sacramentoan Raleigh Moncrief continues his dedication to re-imagining his Sactown contemporaries' sounds by chipmunking the peppiest song on Bellow, album closer “Souls of Gold.” The original opens with hand claps and hymns of golden souls, then breaks into a woozy-dance pop jam. Moncrief's remix leans towards Sister Crayon's hip hop sensibilities with the chorale chants and chipmunk vocals reduced to samples on the beat pad.

Sister Crayon, “Soul of Gold” (Raleigh Moncrief Oh Fuck Remix)