Skeppet, “Den Nya Kusten”

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skeppet pink and blue phase 3 album art

The Scandanavian ambient synthadelic duo, Skeppet have been releasing dreamy EPs and 7″ on small Swedish labels for roughly half a decade, this new track comes off their first full-length, Phase 3.

“Den Nya Kusten”, which translates to “The New Coast,” opens with a cosmic swirl of twinkly synth tones and a loose snare drum beat to move the star dustclouds dallying overhead. The 20-minute aural ascension moves along, building tension in just the right dose of guitar and keyboard melodies. The build is key on a long intergallatic journey, be it physical or sonic. Swelling subtle layers of tones wash in and out on a trajectory just engaging enough to keep you interested but not overt enough to hampter your focus. Around the half-way mark, the syths become grounded in a crescendo of relatively clean guitar work and Earthy conga precussion. There's some bird chirping, further messing up the space/Earth continuum in this blissed out jam.

Stream “Den Nya Kusten” below. Skeppet's four-song Phase 3 LP is out now via Not Not Fun.