SLAVVE, “Pity Party”

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It was May of 2013 we introduced SLAVVE, a then three-piece born of West Palm Beach's Weird Wives, and their long-mulled over debut, Ghost cassette. SLAVVE has slimmed to a two-piece consisting of founding members Chuka Chukuma and Marcos Marchesani, but it's not sacrificed the brute force of their signature post-punk.

Now signed to Bloodmoss, SLAVVE will release a self-titled EP in June, partially built from tracks on the Ghost cassette. On “Pity Party” Chuka beckons over blistering shreds, while Marcos pushes the percussive intensity, particularly at the around the two-minute mark as the track seemingly deteriorates before propelling itself back into the noisy refrain. “Pity Party” clings to your gut like the coating of whiskey and bile, it's unsettling from an inner sickness and yet warming like a desired languor.

Preorder the SLAVVE EP at Bloodmoss.