Slow Bullet, “The Fiscal Year”

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Slow Bullet‘s appeal reaches far and wide, operating as the moniker for Wisconsin’s Sam DeBurgh, whose work covers a myriad of genres. While he’s revving up to release his debut LP Still Close Enough To Go Back – recorded with Matt Frank (You Blew It!, Annabel) at Atlas Studios – and we’ve got the exclusive premiere of his latest single “The Fiscal Year”.

The song starts slow, with the same quirky vocals composition we have heard in turn of the century punk artists, as well as the melancholic tone we have come to expect from bands like Weezer and Death Cab For Cutie. The way the percussion builds and then backs off, ebbs and flows, really drives the energy of the song. DeBurgh’s voice is replete with emotion befitting the subject matter, as he sings lyrics like “and I promise I still love you but,” a sentiment we have all felt at some time or another.

“‘The Fiscal Year’ is song about divorce,” explains DeBurgh. “It revolves around a couple falling out of love and beginning to look at their relationship through a self-interested lens, almost like a business with a profit motive. The narrator is looking back over the past few years of his marriage and finding that, although he feigns love for his spouse, he feels he could get a better ‘profit’ elsewhere.”

Tour dates w/Household:
11/02/16 Iowa City, IA @ The Warehouse
11/04/16 Cincinnati, OH @ Thompson house
11/06/16 Somerset, PA @ the somerset warehouse
11/07/16 Pittsburg, PA @ Cove
11/09/16 Media, PA @ The Depths
11/10/16 Taylor, MI @ Crosswinds Cottage
11/11-13/16 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Upper Room (Take Hold Fest)

Still Close Enough To Go Back is out October 28th. It is available for preorder here.