Smokehouse – “Too Many”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Canadian duo drops low-tempo indie-psych burner

First introduced through mutual friends in 2010, Canadian songwriters Daniel MacKenzie and Peter Mol have been working together to create some of the most intriguing indie & alternative coming out of Canada in the past few years. Each artist had their own journey as individual artists before forming the Smokehouse brand, working as producers and musicians. 

The global pandemic halted the band’s plans, but they’re back with some of their most unique work to date. On “Too Many,” we hear the duo take the tempo down on a rich, psychedelic groove. Vocally similar to Tame Impala, there’s an artsy, wavy hint of sadness throughout the track that’s filled with all sorts of instrumental nuance. 

“‘Too Many’ was a song that took its time unfolding,” they shared. “Originally it started as a vibe work-tape in L.A. with Jon Joseph. It came back home with us and eventually became the floating psych experience it is now after a couple years of identity crisis, and has become one of our favorite songs we’ve ever worked up.”

Give Smokehouse’s “Too Many” a spin below: