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We have not been to Manhattan yet, but we hear that there is hair metal. Here's what other people think.

What's with the OJ hate? (Bum out!)

“OJ isn't a prodigy and he didn't really do anything to deserve insane adoration during his 15-minute set, but he didn't do anything to deserve woefully close-minded catcalls after every song, either. In an odd bout of what could only be described as collective masochism, most of the crowd seemed to be into OJ's biggest hit, “Make The Trap Say Aye”, only to boo the track (pretty loudly) after it ended. It's this sort of nostalgia-driven, moronic mindset that has stymied New York's rap output for years now, and it's pathetic.”[P4K]

Even on this most glaringly “off” of CMJ years, Saturday will still be a clusterfuck:

– There is a Todd P show on Saturday. It is also the Pitchfork show.

– We have two shows for our Imposition at Don Pedro's.

-Almighty Defenders live and in the flesh at Roots Studio. Free if you RSVP:

– MyOpenBar thing.

– Fader is building a fort, but only for a one-day stand at a hotel. Please perpetuate Rick Ross rumors.

Surfer Blood vs. Surf City, riding blog dementia to new tsunamic heights.

We were very “active” on our Twitter account and now we are very on the record about loving a certain hair metal band. We are not alone.

These are the bands your dad will know about soon:

“Meanwhile, tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg there’s smart introspection from Laura Marling, a young folky English songwriter with parables in her songs, and from the brooding and sustained or unpredictably explosive meditations of the Antlers. With any luck, CMJ conversation won’t drown out the quiet moments.” [NYTimes]

Grumpy Ryan Dombal did not like Dinowalrus:

“Dinowalrus is a band name you'd expect to find on a Pitchfork parody site, but it's real. They play psych-rock passed down from 13th Floor Elevators and Sonic Youth, and they were sloppy and front man Pete Feigenbaum can't sing. But Feigenbaum can talk in a lanky stoner manner that makes him automatically ingratiating. “This next song is about pumping iron on Venice Beach with my man Glen Danzig,” he said at one point, before launching into something decidedly less interesting than that intro. But Feigenbaum is skinny enough and eagle-shirted enough and moppy-haired enough to look like some sort of indie heartthrob, so I guess Dinowalrus have that going for them.” [P4K]

Best thing about CMJ is this ongoing series, without any real competition whatsoever.