So Many Wizards, “Happy Birthday”

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So Many Wizards

“Happy Birthday To You” is the most recognized song in the English language. Attempts to dethrone “Happy Birthday To You” range from The Beatles ego-driven oversight “Birthday”, which Lennon respectfully called “a piece of garbage”, to narrowing the scope down to the small perks of birthdays (see: “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih). Many attempts were made in every language and by various pop and punk performers like The Birthday Party, The Smiths, Don Maclean, and Sufjan Stevens, who all thought they had the grit and tenacity to out-write “Happy Birthday To You”. All have failed. Some might say that it was not Yoko, but Paul McCartney's obsession with writing a more perfect song than “Happy Birthday To You” during their White Album sessions that led to the breaking up of The Beatles. George Martin could not be reached for comment.

L.A. quartet So Many Wizards set the bar dangerously high by titling its first single from Warm Nothing after the iconic song. So Many Wizards' “Happy Birthday” does not obtain that special pizzazz to challenge “Happy Birthday To You”, but it is a song worthy of playing at a birthday party. The message is simple: I'm not gonna grow up too fast. Whether you are 8-years old or 68-years old, it's a fine sentiment to repeat like a mantra.

So Many Wizards' Warm Nothing is out August 14 on JAXART.