SP-33, These Moments EP

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SP-33 These Moments EP

January of last year we stumbled upon SP-33's Escape From Tha Carter album, a remix endeavor that chopped Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter with the soundtrack to Escape From New York. We'd never heard of SP-33 and hadn't heard much from him since, but it was a release well-fit for our Best of January 2011 list and Best Free Music of 2011 list.

The These Moments EP wipes the grimey layer from SP-33's production with plenty of storm samples to reveal his roots in R&B House one might expect from a Chicago dweller. The stormy ambient transitions place the EP in the latter years of acid and deep, but the EP seemlessly runs the gamut of the genre with handclap back beats and hypnotic vocal chops. On closing track “Cold Around My Bones” the vocal manipulation of Beth Orton's “Safe In Your Arms” empahsizes the shiver in her cartilage. The EP in its entirety, with the constant down pour, hint at a chill that yields dangerous results, like black ice. Much like SP-33's previous release, there's the propensity towards dance, but it comes at a dark cost, be it a dystopian future or the threats of winter.

Download SP-33's These Moments EP here.