Specialist Morgen J is blasted

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Specialist Morgen J's UUU Tape

Specialist Morgen J is Kenny Rakatine, a dude from Pittsburgh. He smoothes out electro surfaces in order to ready them for sizzurped soundtracks of the future to land. On top of that, he is gifted with a truly great knack for naming tracks (see below). He also has some pretty brilliant tape art by one 'Jeshaka', whose pretty much perfectly translated these sounds into the act of Satchmo picking diamonds from trees in the forest in the middle of the night.

Specialist Morgen J, “No One Puts Babies In The Corner”
Specialist Morgen J, “Anjelica Huston”

Specialist Morgen J's tape is out on Friendship Bracelet's home-fried tape label UUU Tapes.