Spider Bags, "Painter Man's Blues"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Spider Bags, with help from vocalist Reese McHenry, is debuting a new LP Bad Girl, featuring the wholesome country-western vibe song “Painter Man’s Blues”. For this LP, Spider Bags consisted of Dan McGee (guitars, acoustic guitars, 12-string guitars, electric guitars, guitar guitars), Rock Forbes (drums, percussion), and Steve Oliva (electric bass guitar). All the vocals were provided by Reese McHenry, who gave an authentic performance on every track of the 10 song LP.
“Painter Man’s Blues” has a grittiness to it, that puts the focus on the lyrics and McHenry’s ability to tell a story with her voice. The music is great, don’t get me wrong, with the twang of the guitar and the steady backbeat of the drums. But, the song is about work, and the storytelling within is something that is lost amongst today’s music scene.

This LP is perfect for introspective relaxation at its finest. Bad Girl will be available July 14th on SOPHOMORE LOUNGE.