Spooky Mansion, “Disco Bitch”

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Four piece, San Francisco based Spooky Mansion is the quintessential example of “Guys Being Dudes.” They have a lax approach to their appearance– press photos show the boys a bit disheveled, like they just woke up from a run in with either a six pack of Rolling Rock or a night of tequila. Their Facebook about reads, “Unparalleled music made for banging and hanging with chicks and dudes.” But that’s why Spooky Mansion is so lovable– their carefree style makes you want to join their bandwagon (literally) of staying loose, maybe even shouting a “Cowabunga” or two.

This time around, the dudes present us with “Disco Bitch,” a surf grunge approach to the pre-game. Bump it before you hit the bar, or the sand dunes– it’s a multi-faceted track with potential for most pre-departures. Frontman Grayson Converse’s vocals have a come-hither quality to them, luring us into the band’s ethereal landscape. “Disco Bitch” has a cool layer of synth, met with smooth guitars and head-nod producing drums. Regarding the track, Converse added, “Sure, we’re typically Rock n Roll Bitch, but we needed to make these people dance – so we strapped on our space boots and laid that Disco beat down. So freak out.”

Spooky Mansion teams up with Tino Drima for a split EP via Dingo Vinyl, set to be released on December 13th. Keep up with them here